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In this article, we interviewed Hedelab leader in formulating and customizing Europe’s highest quality nutritional supplements.


They provide expert design, processing, packaging, legal and marketing services to empower the success of their business to consumer clients.


Hedelab is one of our members and wanted to share with you their news in link with the food sector and also the impact Wagralim has to develop their company internationally.


Can you explain your job position and the company?


I am Christina Liu, Project Manager of Hedelab. Hedelab, certified ISO 22000 and Bio, is a contract manufacturer of food supplements based in Belgium.


I am the main contact for the customers. I ensure the link between the customers’ needs and the different departments. Usually, they want us to co-develop the whole project from ideas, packaging to the final product.


I also take care to follow this ongoing product throughout the process meaning: formulation, validation, production and delivery.


Which services do you offer?


Our mission is to contribute to the development of our B to C customers by providing them nutraceutical solutions (powders, liquids, capsules, tablets, sticks, Cap Drink, ...) and by continually seeking to innovate.


We are present in the national and international market through our customersThey are small or big actors in pharmacies, para-pharmacies, specialized shops…

They are mainly located in Belgium and in France, some of them are from Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, Finland, Switzerland…


At their service, we manufacture dry and liquid food supplements for humans in a variety of areas such as health, well-being and sports nutrition.


Whether you need R & D advice on ideas you might have about product development, or if you need a flexible industrial production process, we can assist you effectively and interactively in different areas.


We also provide advice on legislation, R & D and marketing and we can undertake stability studies or propose new formulations.


Could you please give us some Hedelab’s news in link with the agrifood sector ?


Regarding the commercialization of a customer’s product in the USA, we get the opportunity to receive experts from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


In fact, commercializing a final product in the USA requires an audit on the whole value chain from the FDA.


Hedelab, as the manufacturer, must be in line with the FDA guidelines.


In this case, the auditors spent a day in our factory few months ago and they conclude that our process is adapted to their requirements.


Getting this approval from the FDA is a good indicator of quality, it will increase our general visibility and we think this will bring us new opportunities.


What is the impact of Wagralim's membership on your activities ?


Being a member of Wagralim brings a lot of opportunities in the national and international market through the qualitative members, network and activities organized during or margin of the fairs.


Hedelab is supporting the activities of Wagralim. We participate actively in missions and meetings organized during the year.


It is a win-win collaboration. In fact, with other members, Hedelab created an Economic interest group called “BHIG” (abbreviation of Belgian Health Ingredients Group).


This group is composed by 8 complementary members specialized on dietary supplements (raw materials and manufacturer).


Each year, we organize a common action with the help of Wagralim.


This year consists in the participation of Vitafoods Singapore with 6 members.


This kind of event is important and useful for Hedelab to increase its activities in the international market and being part of this group enhances our reliability and visibility.



Do you want to know more about how Wagralim can help you in the international market?


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