How to behave with Chinese partners?

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Do you want to do business in China? Then, you need some advice to know how to behave with Chinese partners. 


1) Build trust

The Chinese ‘GuanXi’ has been diabolized by a lot of people. In the western countries, people participate in networking activities and when they detect opportunities, negotiations will follow. However, in China, the most profitable collaboration needs time to build, which is illustrated perfectly by the meaning of ‘GuanXi’. ‘GuanXi’ can be translated in ‘Relationships’ with your personal network, connections and trust.

  • Presentation materials: you can easily observe that a lot of Chinese people use ‘physical prosperity’ images in their visual support. Those pictures can be a photo of the building, the factory, the laboratory, the storage facility, etc. You can also do the same, this will give a trust feeling to the counterparty as they virtually saw your company. 
  • Keep in touch: Would you like to have a long-term successful partnership with Chinese? You have to spend a lot of time, discuss and exchange with them about business and no-business topics. Lack of ideas of conversation? Publish your ‘life’ on the social media. Sharing your news is another way to keep in touch with your partners, eliminate strangeness, and they will know more about ‘you’.

2) Long-term ongoing goals

A lot of western businesses complain about the opportunistic behavior in China. If you do not have a long-term goal, your Chinese partner will easily switch to another cheaper, innovative product which will maximize his profits.

Want to avoid that? You have to build a reliable relationship with your partner, communicate with them, ask them the market reactions constantly for your products, the new market trends, etc. The collaboration will be more successful when both parties invested time and efforts.


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